If you want to familiarize yourself with UNIX or you want to learn more
about UNIX, then, this training is for you. This is not a scam, it is a real
training. This training does not perhaps resemble the training programs
offered by other institutions, however if you start it and ask me questions,
perhaps I will be able to help you to learn.

You may email me from my web site www. kartik . com (to minimize spam)

You can do this course at your own pace and per your own schedule. I WILL
answer all your technical questions. Please do not worry.

This course used to be in 7 emails. (that is what was sent so far). You can
download the word/pdf file which contains all the relevant emails and
information including the free account information.

Please DO NOT hesitate to contact me if you have ANY questions. I will help
you. I can make myself available on phone and/or yahoo instant messenger to
answer your technical questions. Just get started on it! once you start, you
will begin the learning process. If you get anything at all out of this
training - it will be a very positive accomplishment.
Please, please please, DO NOT hesitate to ask questions - even a question
that may seem a novice question, there are NO bad questions. If you start
you will learn.

Please DO NOT hesitate to request root access to my systems if you feel that
it will help you.

The success of this training depends on me and you and on our interaction. I
hope that you will not hesitate to ask me for help.

The UPDATED training material is available online at:
You may also download the adobe version at:

Please let me know if you have any problems downloading this file.

This file contains the most updated version of the training material. It
would be good to check and see the additions and deletions from the training
material by reading this document.
It is also convenient because it is a word file. You may download Openoffice
for free to open Microsoft word/excel etc files.

If you complete quiz#1 and read everything and let me know that you've done
so, I'll then, send you quiz#3 and give you root access to a system to
complete quiz#3.

I also request your suggestions/comments/criticism for the betterment of
this training.

Thank you. Good Luck.

Kartik Vashishta

PS: For those who may ask "who are you": http://www.kartik.com

NOTE: Acknowledgment is due, and hereby made to the owners and authors of
the material used in this course. The course coordinator is grateful to all
those whose material is online and used in the course. Acknowledgment is
also due to all the good stuff online, from which the course coordinator has
learnt and/or been inspired. This course is dedicated to the teacher.