I'm trying to clear a freind's XP box of viruses and trojans, Ive
reinstalled windows XP home four or five times and reinstalled antivirus and
firewall, anispyware etc each time, the machine is now clean, I can install
SP2 from a CD that I have and everything is OK, when i go to windowsupdate
to get the rest of the hotfixes, of which there are thirty(!) it will not
boot up again and i have to start over....the reinstallation is from a
recovery partition and it's a Compaq if that makes any difference.

It will boot OK after installation of everything except the windowsupdates
from M$ website, it just cycles through the bootup, then a message flashes
onscreen which I can't read as it's only there for a fraction of a second,
then it reboots, over and over again


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