This morning, at approximately 1AM Mountain Time, every single Windows XP
and Windows 2003 computer I know about.(with the sole exception of
one)spontaneously rebooted. This covers over machines on over 17 networks
in 4 cities. The newsgroups are absolutely on FIRE with this, and frankly,
I can't blame them. This is just one of those "creepy" moments. From what
I can tell, no Windows 9.x/ME, seem to have been affected, however,
approximately 50% of known Windows 2000 machines WERE affected. Yes,
Windows XP computers with SP2 WERE affected.

If any of you have been affected by this, please come forward, and let me
know. Similarly, if you have machines that have not been affected, we would
also like to know. The information I have at current is this:

At approximately 1AM MST, all (but one) known machines with WinXP or Win2K3
All machines have since checked out clean on three different AV scanners,
and two different Spyware scanners.

All machines known to be affected were fully up-to-date as of December 29th.
(Patch wise.)

The one XP/2003 machine known to NOT have been affected was not up to date.

All known 2000 machines WERE up to date, yet only ~ 50% of them rebooted.

At least two of these machines were segregated machines, I.E. not connected
in any way to the net.

So, we have a mystery. If you have any information on this, please forward
it along, because, I, for one, am terribly, terribly confused.