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, on Sat, 01 Jan 2005
20:45:36 -0500, Steve Baker says...
> On Sat, 01 Jan 2005 17:48:58 -0500, Bill Cole
> wrote:
> >> When will XP include an AV?

> >
> >In the version after Longhorn... The one based on a fork of OpenBSD 5
> >
> >Maybe that's inadequately cynical. Windows will come with built-in AV as
> >soon as Microsoft feels threatened by any major AV vendor.

> Didn't MS recently buy an AV company? I think they're planning on
> selling their own AV product.
> Steve Baker

That's kinda foobar, buying an AV company who's (most probably)
purpose is to protect the product you produce. The fox is now
guarding the hen house.

What MS has done is open the barn door, putting a sentry at the door
is not the solution, closing the barn door is.

If they're buying the expertise/staff/tools, that may be a good sign.

If it's this, it hasn't done them much good over the last 1.25 years.

I think much of this is PR/Tax writeoff and a feeble attempt to go
through the motions of changing Bill's objective of being the gateway
for all media presentation at any cost, security being the most
problematic for those computers/networks connected to the Internet in
some form or fashion.

While Windows lack of security is a contributor to much spam, this
branch of the thread really should be shifted to a different group, I
just don't know which one.

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