Like an idiot, I let the automatic update install Windows service pak 2 on
my machine. When I tried restarting the computer it would just go through
the Windows XP welcome screen, shut down, then start all over again. I
tried to start the computer using all of the different safe mode options.
Nothing would work. I have a HP 753c computer that I bought at Costco last
year. I was able to use the HP recovery option to get back into my machine.
The problem is that all of my Windows programs were gone or messed up. All
of my addresses in Outlook, gone! The good thing is that all of my data
files are still in tact. I was able to reinstall all of my programs. Now
here is my predicament! I had several Accounts on the computer, one for my
son, one for my daughter, one for me and one for the family. The account I
used for me was set up as an administrator, PW protected, and had the folder
set as private to protect it from other users. When I restored the system,
I had to create new accouts as the others were no longer present on the
WindowsXP login screen. Now when I look under My Computer/C:/Documents and
Settings/Dad, I can see folders for my original accounts. I can get into
all of the folders except for my original account that I had set as private.
It says access denied! I really need to get into this folder! I tried
system restore, but I guess I had that feature turned off. Its on now of
course. Does anyone have any idea how I can get into this folder??? Please
reply to this post or send an email to

Thanks in advance!