I had just bought 2 units Nvidia GeForce 4 but one is giving me a problem. I
installed one unit in PC1 and the other in PC2. Both systems are running
win98se. PC1 is a Celeron 2.0 with 256 megs ram and GeForce4 runs very well
indeed. I could run NFS -underground without any problems on PC1 BUT not on
PC2. PC2 is a Pentium3-750mhz with 256megs ram and plenty of disk space.
So I ran dxdiag and I got the message...."Error: Problem getting extra sound
info, result code = 0X8878000a ( The request failed because direct sound
resources such as priority level were already in use by another caller). I
wonder what is this caller? I ran the sound test and the results were
positive. I could here the test sounds meaning the sound card is OK. I ran
the video test and the direct draw came out positive. I ran the 3D test
where it says the test will use hardware accelerated Direct 3D interfaces
........ and the message says....."Test failed at step 8 (Creating 3D
devices) HRESULT=0X887602eb (error code). So could someone tell me whether
it is a directX9 problem or a video card (GeForce 4) problem? or point me in
some other other direction where I may have gone wrong.