We have a windows environment using Active Directory on Server 2003.
We have 1 forest, 1 domain and 3 sites. Each site has 1 DC. client
machines are running XP sp1. When users receive Interactive Logon
message warning of password expiration and user chooses "yes, i want
to change my password", the users account will lock out shortly
afterward. usually, the lockout occurs when trying to access mail. we
are running exchange 2000 in a cluster with a server acting as a
connector with active directory. information store is on a virtual
server on Hitachi SAN. If user selects, "NO" and then changes
password using ctrl,alt,delete - everything is fine. none of the
servers association with Exchange 2000 are DCs. replication between
DCs works fine, although in this case, something seems to not be
replicating correctly. any help on this matter would be greatly
appreciated. thanks