I just bought a new Thinkpad T40 and instead of Windows XP, they
inadvertently installed Win2K on the machine.

It has a 40 Gig hard-disk, a CDRW/DVD ROM. I could burn a disk on it,
but I don't have a floppy drive with it. I do have partition magic 8.0
which is on diskettes and these are bootable.

Everything was fine until I tried an install of Windows Xp and Linux.
This is the situation.

Everytime I install Xp, it puts some system files in the beginning
sectors and towards the last sectors of the hard disk. As a result of
this, Linux is not able to get enough space on the HD to install. I
re-installed Windows, defragged the drive, but the defrag does not
move system files.

I cannot install Windows after Linux, since I want a dual-boot with

Is there anyway, I can move the partition magic from diskette to CD
and make the CD bootable ?

Is there anyway to install Xp such that it leaves part of the disk
blank ?

Any help is sincerely appreciated.

Thanks much,