I've got a Windows 2000 terminal server that is only used for ACT!
software. Five users connect to this server at different times of the
day with their own user ID/pw. They ONLY need to be able to send
email out of this application. They don't need to be able to receive
mail. I believe there is a known issue with ACT! not being able to
send email if Outlook is not open. However, the workaround is to
setup Outlook 2002 to automatically send email when offline. I can't
get this to work.

I've set up in the options of Outlook (in the Send/Receive,When
Outlook is Offline section) the parameters:
Include this group in Send/receive
I've enabled Schedule and automatic send/receive every 5 minutes.

The other thing that I've changed is the All Accounts group. I edited
this group and disabled Receive Mail Items. However, mail continues
to sit in the Outbox until the user does eventually open Outlook. I
don't want the users to have to open Outlook in order to get mail out.

What could be wrong here?