Windows 2000 SP4
having a weird problem with files on a machine we are running a
webserver and ftp for several domains.

random files seem to go missing locally, as in using windows explorer
it says the files are missing, using file-sharing from a different
machine they are there. create a new file by the same name locally
gets an error about it being there, deleting it remotely and creating it
locally and its hidden/missing again.
and its not just 'hidden' because the webserver says the file just doesn't
exists (error 404) and some programs fail to start because their ini file is
windows explorer -> folder options are set to show everything (even hidden
system files which i can see just fine locally)
logged in as administrator, so it shouldn't be a permissions problem, admin
still has full right to the full drive and the folders with the problems.
users openning the folder via windows file share can see the files just fine
(normal users, no power users are setup)

and its only some files in some folders
- ServUDeamon.ini (had to replace the ftp server with a different brand
because of this one)
- NCAA_Clearinghouse.pdf
- blank.gif

adding to the end doesn't help (blank2.gif), but adding something to the
beginning does (_blank.gif)

virus scan shows nothing, check disk says the file structure is fine.
windows updates says everything is up-to-date
deleting the problem folders and recreating them doesn't fix them.
the registry doesn't have any (searchable) entries with the file names.

google only came up with 'how to check the show hidden files box'

anyone see anything like this and any idea how to fix it without a full