I am working on a server with 4GB of RAM and I am trying to enable a
3rd party EXE to address more than 2GB of Virtual Memory.

I have configured the boot.ini file with the /3G switch and ran the
imagecfg -l exename.exe (as described in
against the desired executable with no success. As soon as the app
approaching 2 GB of virtual memory an error massage is received "Not
enough storage is available to complete this operation".

Very frustrated I wrote a simple app that uses any of the following
API to allocate memory:

Memalloc, GlobalAlloc, VirtualAlloc the same result was encountered,
anything below 2G is valid anything above the same error massage is

To add more confusion, calling the api GlobalMemoryStatus does show
under dwAvailVirtual that 3GB of virtual memory is available for my
test app.

Any thoughts, hints, help would be greatly appreciated