Hallo everybody,
we use many different printers (50 above) with the
possibility of printservers in Win2000 Server. The
configuration works fine with "Standard TCP/IP Port"
and "IP-Adress" for many printers. If I try to install a
printer on the client, then i can use the wizard and i can
SEE the network printers in the network neighborhood.

Last time i tried to install a new printer on the server
and on the client in exact SAME way. On the printserver i
can see the new printer and i can print the test-page. But
the new printer appears ONLY in the printerwizard on the
client if i use the deallocation (German: FREIGABE) for
this printer. But IMHO i dont NEED this features - and i
dont use them for the most of all other printers.

I work a long time to find a cause of this issue, but with
no success. On the server all features works fine and it
seems to me that can be caused by the browser-service. Has
anyone ideas?

Thank you very mouch!