I am having win2k server with domain name sasurie and running win98
machines in network.
When i am trying to logon in win98 with the proper username of win2k
domain users i am getting the error "Username not found"
I am running "Active Directory Service" in win2k

I am having winXP as well as win98 Clients but winxp logon is ok but
only in 98 i am getting the error "Username not found"

i tried the following things
1)proper username was created & proper username was given in logon &
win98 is allowed to join in sasurie domain properly.
2)License manager - it is already set to 301 users but my total no. of
users is only 100(hardly 100 machines )
3)i am removing the .pwl files in windows 98 and also the profiles
that r created for various users but even then the same error.

Please help me
thk in adv.