I have a question regarding proxy ARP.
Proxy arp is the router that will talk on behalf of set of hosts.
| | |
| | |
source ---> broadcasting---->proxy Arp
| | |
| | |
c1 c2 c3

where c1,c2,c3 are computers.

Now my problem is i want to send data to from source but i
know only the ip addr but i don't the hardware addr of so
generally the source machine will go for broadcast and according to
proxy ARP,router will reply with its own hardware addr on behalf of
the set of hosts( ) and so the
source machine then fill the destination addr as router addr and will
forward data to router.So its upto the router to send the packet to .

How the Proxy Arp router will find the destination hardware addr of

will router send any broadcast message to ?
but normally router will not allow broadcast then how?

if router will know the machine by its routing table ?will the routing
table contains any destination address.

help me
thk in adv

ie if i am sending a broadcast to the machines