Hi all,

We announce you the release of Power AD 1.3 , an OpenSource management
console for Active Directory.

What's new :
-you can now see the users logged in your domain through the
"Computer" builtin OU
-"Status" option in the users properties, allowing you to see the last
connection date, etc...
-Improved graphics

And still :
-you can change the properties of many users at once (and also reinit
-manage a domain in which you're not trusted
-export all the properties you want in text files ("Member of" list,
-import and export users easily with the same format as "addusers.exe"

This software was created to build community around an OpenSource
server application on a Microsoft platform, so if you want to be a
part of it, we are recruiting !

Further informations on http://adconsole.sourceforge.net

The Power AD Team