If only it were that easy...if I were to reboot having the CD in
place, still I could not have success. It says something like NTDLR
missing. It essentionally ignores the Windows CD.

I can get to a DOS prompt using 3rd party emergency disks...I can get
the A/C/D/E drives recognized. I just can't get Win2k to boot up.

It's that "boot sector" issue that sounds like it is the problem. Any
ideas on getting that to do it's task while booting.

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> > I was cleaning my PC...I installed Win2k on the 2nd disk, then did a
> > format on the c: drive, then did a copy of the 2nd disk image to the
> > c: drive. Now, because of registry issue or bios issues, the pc fails
> > to boot saying something like "No operating system found on any
> > device." When I use the 4 boot disks created from Win2k it just says
> > "Disk IO Error".
> >
> > When I get into DOS prompt and try to run setup from there (to install
> > Win2k or Win98 onto c: drive) it says I need windows to run windows.
> > That's a nice catch 22.
> >
> > Any suggestions? I have too "clean" installs of Win2k, just need to
> > have the PC use 1! The disks are of the "FAT32" type. I had too many
> > problems with NTFS.

> try booting up with your win2k cd and from the repair console
> there are two commands which may be of use