I have studied operating systems for several years now, mainly Windows
and Linux, hoping Windows would get a lot more stable, or Linux would
become a lot more intuitive and easy to use for common dummies.
We are now in 2003, and we still have to bear MS Windows for office or
personal work. It took me months to earn basics of Linux (Bash shell,
etc...), and still it's very bad and difficult for personal use. I
actually use Linux only for server purpose.

Anyway, there is no OS that combines pros of both Windows and Linux.
I'd like to know if it is possible to create an new OS that is:
- very stable
- 100% compatible with Windows-oriented programs (One can install
Photoshop, Dreamweaver, games...)
- light and fast
- compatible with most hardware available out there
- very intuitive and graphic user interface similar to MS Windows XP
- very secure (No virus can actually strike this OS unlike Windows)
- very secure also towards the Internet
- 100% compatible with all kinds of network environments

Please guys, tell me if this is possible to do, if so, how long would
it take to develop, and with how many people. Then let's see what
decisions to take.