In an attempt to make our office paperless, we have several new P4
2.4Gb 1Gb ram, SCSI machines, running XP Pro, and Office 2003. I
just got a Fujitsu 15C SCSI scanner. I ordered TextBridge Pro 11. We
also have OmniPage 12, which I find slow and cumbersome for OCR. I
need to accomplish the following:

1. Production rate conversion of paper (test) into pdf files;
2. The ability to capture some documents, and convert to Word;
3. The ability to convert Word files to pdf without loss of
4. The ability to create pdf files that are capable of being edited,
copied, etc.;
5. The creation of text forms, which can be filled out using, merge
codes or other automated means.

I hope to accomplish these goals with as little active involvement
(intense document editing, duplicative manipulation of files, etc.) as
possible. I have had really bad luck with Adobe Distiller 5.0 in XP
Pro, I have had trouble with Adobe Acrobat 5.0, but I still think that
I need an Adobe product to effectively accomplish these goals. I've
looked at Adobe Messenger, etc. Can you give me some direction or