Sometimes (not very often) it happens that a bug - of unknown origin
and not reproducible as far as I know - changes the behaviour of my
keyboard in a way that can at least approximately described as though
the windows key was hold by the system ! For instance, when this
effect is in action, I cannot enter an 'r' in a text, because this
acts like +R (where stands for the windows key), i.e. it opens
the "execute" window as in clicking the corresponding menu-item in
the start menu of Windows !

Of course, if somebody knows what might produce this effect (it might
be due a priori to any installed program including those contained in
the Win98 system itself) this would be of great interest. But what I
am asking now is just this: is there another way to stop the effect
- so that the keyboard behaves again normally - without having to
reboot ?