Trust me on this. For the less than $20.00
you have to pay for Norton SystemWorks
2003 on eBAY you'll not regret it. It makes
quickwork of Windows problems has a bunch of other useful programs and comes
with Norton AntiVirus that you can set up
so that that is updated automatically
while you're online. The manual for Norton
comes on the CD. For $8.00 you don't
get a printed manual. It's a steal.


>> From: RobeFortu1 (robefortu1@aol.comnojunk)
>>Subject: Re: Win 2000 PC slowdown -please help (would really

>appreciate it)
>> Newsgroups:
>>Date: 2003-08-14 10:36:38 PST
>>I've found Norton Systemworks 2003 to be really useful when I have

>>problems. It has a program called WinDoctor that analyzes your

>Windows setup,
>>offers solution(s), and fixes problems found. You can buy Norton

>>2003 on eBAY for about $8.00. Hth

>Ok thanks, maybe I'll give this a go. I do have my doubts that it will
>do anything more sophisticated than provide an interface for common
>Windows housekeeping tasks - do you know if this is the case?