I've got a IBM Thinkpad with XP on it. Today I made the horrid mistake
of going to the update site and updating the critial updates and
driver updates and now my mouse is acting funky. I've spent over 3
hours today trying to make this problem go away but it just WON'T. The
stupid "snap to default button" will NEVER go away now. I went into
the mouse settings and removed the checkbox in front of the Snap-To
Default but it still does it. I've removed every single hotfix that is
in add/remove programs, and i've gone to synaptics website and
downloaded the latest drivers and nothing is making that stinking
feature "disabled". I even read an article about changing the
SnapToDefault item in the registry, which I changed it to 0, rebooted,
but the snap to stays on all the time.

Any idea of how to get rid of this as I absolutely hate it