Hi all,
not even sure if this is the correct forum for this q, but here goes
(if its not could you please direct me to one!)

I have a server-side vb script that will list all files/folders for a
given drive on my Windows 2000 intranet server.
One of these drives is mapped over from a Novell server (this drive is
already mapped on everyone's PC).
The script runs fine (in an ASP page) when run locally at the server,
however when a client (Intranet user) accesses the page there is a
permissions error.
The script works fine on the client for other Intranet drives (that
are shared out to everyone).
The site uses NT authentication. I thought that as the drive is
already shared out to everyone (from the Novell server) that there
wouldn't be any problems with security but anyway .....does anyone
have any suggestions?
would really appreciate any help