Greetings all!

I just did did a thorough updating of my windows system via the
"Windows Update" process, and my screen settings have changed. The
resolution is currently 800 X 600, and the icons, fonts, etc. are too
large (or at least they are now larger than they used to be). If I
switch the resolution to the next available option, 1024 X 768, now
the icons, fonts, etc. are smaller than they used to be.

How can I get back to the sizes I used to have? I made a 'system
restore' point right before I updated, so I could go back to my
previous settings, but I don't want to undue all the otherwise
valuable updates I did. I suspect it must be possible for me to
return to the exact settings I used to have (I don't tolerate change
well at all!), but I don't know what to do!

The display size is currently at 96 dpi. Perhaps I should increase
the resolution to 1024 x 768 (which makes icons, fonts too small), but
then increase the display to large size 120 dpi...any thoughts on

When I bought my computer (Dell 8200 series) a year or so ago, I never
messed with the screen settings, so if anyone knows what the default
settings on my computer probably were (which only changed when I
updated), please let me know!