I am running WinXP SP-1 on a P4 1.6 Ghz machine.

I have two user accounts (both administrators) on this desktop.

I have downloaded all the Windows Update files (IE SP-1 and
all security updates).

Since last week, suddenly I cannot use Internet Explorer by
clicking on the desktop or the start menu.

I un-installed and re-installed IE, but no change.

I did an in-place upgrade of the entire WinXP installation
from a CD, STILL no change.

Interestingly, I am able to start IE by opening up a
Windows Explorer window, and typing a web address. It
switches instantly to IE user interface.

Within this interface, I tried to clean it up by "Delete
Cookies...", "Delete Files...". Here again, something
strange happened, as soon as I went to "Settings..." and
clicked on "View Objects...", IE shut down completely and
threw me back to the desktop. I tried again, same result.

The key is that this happens only when I am logged in as
myself. My wife can log on the same computer and use IE
without any problems.

Any thoughts???

Thanks in advance...