My PC, running Windows 2000 Professional, beeps at me if I hold down
certain combinations of three keys at a time. How do I disable this?

This problem isn't as simple as it looks. The beeping occurs when I'm
playing action games which require me to hold down multiple keys, such
as 'run forward' at the same time as 'strafe sideways' and 'jump'. And
the beeping doesn't come through the sound card -- it's the PC's
internal speaker that's doing the beeping! It's a slow rhythmic beep,
sounding like a warning, not a 'keyboard buffer is full' beep. And not
ALL combinations of three keys trigger this, only about half of the
combinations I tried at random.

And here's the clincher -- the same exact PC never exhibited this
problem under Windows 98; it only started doing this a few days ago when
I did a clean install of Win2KPro.

AND, the multiple keys WORK -- no keypresses are getting dropped,
they're all handled properly. The only problem is the beeping noise. I
guess I could open up the PC and disconnect the internal speaker, but
there's got to be a more elegant solution, doesn't there?

I tried installing the latest driver for my no-frills Logitech Deluxe
104 keyboard, but that didn't have any effect on the problem.

Has anyone else seen this beeping problem, and do you know of a way
around it?

System specs: P3/550, 256MB RAM, Abit BH6 motherboard, GeForce 2,
SoundBlaster Live 128, Logitech Deluxe 104 keyboard, Logitech Wheel
Mouse. The hardware is basically 1999 technology. I ran System Update
to bring Windows 2000 Professional up to the latest s/w revisions,
including DirectX 9.0b.