Hello everyone.
This problem has been going on for about a year now, but I only just
thought to ask a newsgroup. Anyway here is my problem:

Basically, I can't search for anything. I open up the search for files
or folders app, type in some search criteria, click "Search Now" or
whatever, and it just ignores me.

Any ideas?

Btw i know my comp needs a format REALLY badley, but i have never
formatted.. also this is an HP machine, with the associated bull****
"rescue disks" that just piss me off because they dont give u a proper
windows disk. anyway enough wingeing, if i created a normal windows
boot disk, formatted (with nobody elses drive to boot up from), and
then stuck the disk in when i reset, would i be able to use those
stupid rescue cds? or do they/the cd drive need windows to even work?

Thanks for your help guys!