there might be a couple of problems which might cause this problem ...
try to take a back up of your data and reinstall win xp ..pref. after
formating your disk.. if this does not solve it there might be a fault
in the RAM you might be using .. try ..to get some ram checking
software like RAM boost ..(most of them are free ware) and do a
thorough RAM check ...
Hope this helps...
If you are not sure how to take a backup of your data and reinstall
win xp .. pls get a qualified person to do it.

yaojulan@yahoo.com (Sean) wrote in message news:...
> I am working on windows XP perfessional. One error message bothered me
> a lot.
> when I tried to end an application, such as windows explorer, ANSYS,
> etc. A error message always came out: The instruction at "XXXXX"
> referenced memory at "XXXXXXXX", the memory could not be "written" OR
> "read". "XXXXXX" could be the memory address. The title of the error
> message is "java.exe (or explorer.exe) - application error". Does
> anybody know the solution for it? Thanks.