the best suggestion i can give you is to use a proxy server on the box
that is connected to the internet. There are a lot of open source
proxies available on the net download them run the proxy on a port ...
say 8080.. and select what services it has to offer ... ftp,http,etc
.... and bring up the proxy. now on the other system bring up your IE
go to Tools>Internet options>Connections>Lan settings, check use proxy
server check box and give the ip address
ex. 8080
if you have different proxies running for ftp .. http .. gopher etc

you can click advanced and set up the ips and ports of the proxies for
services (Karlwasley) wrote in message news:<>...
> HI
> trying to share internet connection through two computers I can see the gateway
> on the client machine but cannot get internet explorer to access.
> Any suggestions
> thanks in advance
> Karl