There are a couple of possibilities ...
if you had win98 se on your old box and just upgraded the h/w without
performing a new install .. then this is possible ... try to back up
all your data, format the HDD and reinstall again if this is not
possible atleast try and defrgment your hard disk drive....
it might also be that the OS does not support the Mother board that
well ... if a mother board houses a 2.2 gig chip it must be pretty new
and win98se might not have given very good support to this mother
board ... try using win2k or other oss and see if you have the same
problem... if you still have the same problem... contact your hardware
vendor. (ishwar) wrote in message news:<>...
> Hello,
> Just upgraded my box from 233Mhz to 2.2Ghz Celeron system. A new
> install
> of 98-SE takes quite a few minutes for completion of boot process --
> is this normal? It was almost instanteneous on the old CPU.
> Also, what is the path to file that contains/controls 'Autostart'
> items?
> Thanks,
> -ishwar