I could have been more specific if you had been a little more
I guess you have a win2000 os installed on ur PC. there are a couple
of areas you need to check ... you might not have the proper
authorization to complete the installation .... (ie.. you might not
have admin rights). Try logging into the system as administrator ...
and go to the control panel > Add/Remove programs and see if there is
a copy installed of the software in question ... if yes try to
uninstall it and reinstall it again, if no .. then try deleting the
Dir entries (folder where installed) and corresponding registery
entries.. this can be tricky ... if you are not sure of how to do this
.... dont do it.. it might cause problems.. The last and best thing you
can do is to have a software like system mechanic ... which
automatically removes junk files and registery info... which might be
causing this problem...
hope this helps

"Paul Walsh" wrote in message news:<9LdQa.52302$H17.14292@sccrnsc02>...
> When attempting to install some software i get the following message:
> User Administrator has previously initiated an installation for product
> Microsoft Streets and Trips. That user will need to run that installion
> again before usind that product. Your current installation will now
> continue.
> Then it just stops...
> Any ideas