PreScript: Forgiveness please, I do not know how to communicate
concisely or contigously.

Okay: right now I have 39 ie6 windows open in XPsp1, task manager
shows all of them as separate apps, but shows only 9 iexplore.exe
processes running, each taking between 6MB and 25MB of phys mem. I
notice that when I crash an ie6 window it usually crashes a subsection
of the total windows I have open... I'm guessing precisely the windows
I spawned from that one (cntr-N'd)? I'm basically wondering what how
IE lives in mem... I'm guessing that the 9 processes correspond to
launches of the actual app, and all the other windows are ones I
spawned off... if this is correct, does that mean that spawning new IE
windows (given how they can be collected in the taskbar) is
essentially congruent to the 'tabbed browsing' the Moz people go on
about? Or is it simply superficial? I'm not even sure I'm asking
meaningful questions, commentary much appreciated.

More generally: since I started running XP, I usually have about 15-40
IE widows open (I swear, taskbar grouping is an industry ploy to
convince people they need more hardware by allowing them to workable
switch between a much larger process base).. Given those, plus a few
apps I always run (combinedIM client, winamp, photoshop), this seems
to max out the number of windows it'll let me run... with all this
going I'm never at more than 550/1024 phys mem, or more then 25%(ave)
proc... but whenever I try for new windows it'd either REALLY slow in
bringing them up, or else they render incompletely or
disfunctionally... what resource bound am I hitting exactly? is it
hard or soft?

I'm interested in both the theory and practicality of running many
many simultaneous processes in windows, in Windows5, any informational
resources anyone could provide would be appreciated.... Believe it or
not, I feel that I would benefit from more windows... I find that 30
explorer windows is about optimal for my browsing style, but then I
get problems when I try to run Adobe ****, because photoshop,
illustrator, the whole stable spawns their own toolbox windows...
infact, they usually won't launch when I have this many windows going,
I get a 'too many windows' message, but I believe it's from the
adobesoft, not the OS... and I don't really trust it, seeing as
photoshop gives me **** every time about running without a
pagefile.... runs fine every time, despite the nag message... 1gig
phys is plent unless I'm working on a poster print or whatever and am
moving 30+ million pix * layers.

Basically I hum along great with all this stuff's not
like it's creaking along and opening one more process pushes it over
incrementally... it's all smooth sailing: then when I pass a certain
discrete point (and not a mem or proc point according to taskmanager),
it gives me issues. Please enlighten me, URLs or bookrefs, whatever,
or tell me if I'm not making any sense, I learned it all 'on the