Hi all,

this quesition related with windows 2003 server web edition. I could not
find any windows 2003 usenet group, so I am posting here.

The main directory:


and it sub directories has somehow set "read-only". I am trying to unset
it. It looks like it doing it. But after I applied and it starts counting it
on all files, and when it finishes, I am hitting the OK button, right after
that when I click on the properties, I am seeing the "read-only" box still
checked. So actually, it is not changing the "read-only" on the directory
and on its sub directories and files.

I am the administrator and I have full rights. And I am checking from the
advanced "apply to all subdirectories and files" and from the security
advanced tab, I am checking the "replace permission on all subdirectories".
So, it should do it. But it is not doing it.

I wonder if, there is another setting that I must do from somewhere else

Any Ideas ?


Rafet Dagdelen