i seem to be in a fix... :-(

i have windows 98 installed in my office client machine. now these
machine access the novell netware 4.2 operating system to log-in.

now... whenever i wanted to access a windows NT machine, what i did
was just log off from a client machine and when the novell login
dialog box appeared, i pressed the ESC button and then the windows
login dialog box appeared... here i type administrator as the user and
on pressing enter i used access the windows NT machine and to later to
also login to novell i just left-clicked the novell icon on the task
bar and selected the "Novell Login" item and logged in. This was able
to access both the windows NT and novell.

recently i installed a licensed version of autocad 2002 on all the
client machine and the license for this software is stored on the
window NT machine, only on being authenticated by this license will
the autocad start. now to access this i cannot tell the users to
follow the above steps. there has to be a short cut to access both the
machine at one-go. any ideas how i can solve this problem?

- vasantkumar naidu