Did you know that "moviemaker" a part of winxp/pro exists?
I have only a 20 Gig C: dr and I decided
1. I have no interest in a "moviemaker".
2. Only play Solitaire as far as games go.
3. I had a hard time defragging the HD due to warnings that I need
at least 13% empty space to do so.

I tried to del moviemaker and all its subfiles which start with
mm in the file name. I tried the easy way by searching then
right clik and "Delete" but it would'nt work on any of the moviemaker
stuff. I tried "remove" cmd from cntrl Panel and that one too
sais "unable remove".

In safe mode go to administrator file and choose a password as
it defaults to no password shown. chose one and hit F8
ctrl-alt-del twice and then use the search tool and remove
any of these files or all of them one at a time with right clik
then right clik and del it. About 25 files are in there just
to support "moviemakder". Once I did this I had increased my
free space on c: drive by about 2 gigabytes.
(defrag was much faster after all the above was done)

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