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This is a discussion on Stopping Explorer window self-scrolling - Microsoft Windows ; How do you stop explorer windows scrolling by themselves and otherwise acting like they have a mind of their own? I want to be able to scroll to a particular position in one and then have it STAY there until ...

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Thread: Stopping Explorer window self-scrolling

  1. Stopping Explorer window self-scrolling

    How do you stop explorer windows scrolling by themselves and otherwise
    acting like they have a mind of their own? I want to be able to scroll
    to a particular position in one and then have it STAY there until I
    choose to scroll it elsewhere.

    So far I've found at least four cases where it won't respect my wishes
    in that regard:
    1. Dropping a file sometimes drops it into the spot marked by the
    i-beam. Sometimes it drops it at the bottom of the folder instead and
    scrolls all the way down to show it. Which it does seems to be random.
    How do I make dropped files always go exactly where I put them and never
    anywhere else? Why for that matter does it apparently employ a random
    number generator? It is a productivity application, not a game. If I
    want unpredictable stuff to happen I'll play net quake or rogue or
    something. If I'm using a tool for non-recreational purposes I want it
    to behave in a standardized, predictable, and consistent manner.
    2. Clicking a file, scrolling down, and then hitting shift or control in
    preparation for clicking a second file to make a complex selection
    sometimes causes Explorer to decide to scroll all the way back to the
    first file I'd clicked. Would I have scrolled all the way to the other
    file I was about to click if I wanted to select another file close to
    the first one? If I scroll to another file I want it to STAY there while
    I shift-click or control-click it! Having to scroll down twice instead
    of once is a waste of my time!
    3. Closing a different, unrelated explorer window, or changing directory
    in one. That obviously shouldn't do anything to any other window, but
    every so often I do this and find that ALL the other windows have
    decided all by themselves to scroll to the tops of their respective
    folders. If I wanted to scroll to the top in each window I'd click on
    each window and drag each scrollbar to the top of its range. If I don't
    do this, then it is safe to assume I want them all to stay put, and it
    is emphatically NOT safe to assume anything else!
    4. Installing new software. This causes the same symptoms described for
    item 3, except consistently. Running any kind of installer causes every
    open Explorer window to scroll, by itself, up as far as it can scroll.

    Did I mention that in cases 3 and 4, the explorer windows also destroy
    any delicate selections I might have made in them? I might have
    painstakingly control-clicked a particular fifty files in a folder with
    a hundred files, leaving the last one I'd picked near the bottom in
    view, and then start another window and navigate to a folder I want to
    copy them all to, notice a flicker when going from C:\Something to
    C:\Something\Something Else during this, then arrive at
    C:\Something\Something Else\Elsewhere and go back to the first window
    only to find no files selected and the top files in view, instead of the
    files I'd selected still selected and the bottom files in view.

    Is having everything stay how I left it until I CHOOSE to change
    something too frigging much to ask?

    I need to know what power toy to install, registry key to hack, or
    control panel to twiddle to stop Explorer from autoscrolling. This is
    driving me mad. I want to know how to tell Explorer "Give me back my
    computer you fiend!" I want to be in the driver's seat. Right now I feel
    like a passenger ... on a bus with a drunk driver and dozens of other
    screaming passengers. In the dark. Probably headed toward an unseen cliff.

    How do I make Explorer window scroll bars not move until I personally
    deign to move them (or reboot), and make selected files stay selected
    until I personally decide to change the selection membership or deselect
    the files?

    In case it matters this is happening with the Explorer that comes with
    XP home. I haven't made any changes to it, except that I have found a
    tool to disable shell extensions and turned off some useless or
    suspicious ones. These problems with self-directed behavior have not
    gone away with such tweaks. Must microsoft use its paying customers as
    guinea pigs for testing every new harebrained idea for AI they have,
    despite the vast majority wanting the computer to sit patiently and wait
    to be told what to do and then simply do as it is told without any
    "clever" attempts at taking its own initiative? Their self-driving
    scrollbars tell me that they still haven't learned from the spectacular
    failure of their dancing paper clip in the marketplace.

    There's only four things you can be certain of: taxes, change, spam, and

  2. Re: Stopping Explorer window self-scrolling

    Phil Cartwright wrote in

    With your obvious intelligence you should have long ago realized
    that Microsoft's offerings of the last 5-7 years are for idiots,
    stupider with each new release, and part of making things for
    idiots is making them idiot-proof - which brings up several
    other MS-related points, but we'll leave it at that - which
    largely means making *all* the decisions for them.

    Idiots are idiots and when something like you describe happens,
    they emit a gurgling sound some might compare to a pig snort and
    keep on trying to do whatever it is they think they are doing.
    And to them, the computer is nothing but a home entertainment
    device. Hence, 400GB drives with no partitions etc.

    That's the kind of customer MS wants - and gets - and has by the

    You had (progressively decreasing) control of your computer
    under DOS, 3.1, 95 and 98. Then it all went to hell, or, if you
    prefer, Microsoft Mission Control/Brain Trust.

    That's why I am doing this on an almost 10 year old
    166MMX/64MB/95B computer - which BTW does everything I want
    faster than a brand new $2,000 Vista or XP computer (while it
    does NOT do a lot of interesting things Vista DOES, like
    deciding something on your computer "shouldn't" be there and
    deleting it or crippling it permanently).

    If my 95B and 98SELite machines die before I do, I am going to

    AFA Apple, Jobs is a very arrogant and very greedy guy with very
    high intelligence, very good taste, and a lot of great ideas
    (unfortunately, not all his own, see below). He brought many
    things to the computing world - especially AFA graphics and
    other "more creative" aspects of human activity (even though
    mathematicians will argue mathematics is as beautiful and
    creative as the greatest work of art ever produced, and they may
    well be right) - which may never have happened without him or
    someone like him. (Gates probably still barely sees the
    difference between serif and sans-serif let alone the importance
    of something like kerning.)

    Still, Jobs stole everything (which he then claimed Gates stole
    from HIM) from Xerox PARC (how THOSE guys blew it like that is a
    mystery I will NEVER understand).

    We should be grateful to Apple for many things, but no user ever
    had ANY actual *control* over any Apple product, and that was
    one of the things I never liked about them. It went straight to
    the GUI, very nice. But if you wanted to tweak anything, you
    were SOL.

    And AFAIAC, the iPod killed music for good. I know that sounds
    exactly like the reverse, but think about it. And the fact that
    the initial "you can't replace the battery, you have to buy a
    new iPod" did not kill the product in the marketplace outright
    is just a testimony to the fact that stupidity and wanting to be
    cool (assuming there is some difference) are what decides
    everything. Jobs knows that and he knows how to profit from it.

    ANYWAY... if you don't want to put up with the **** you have
    described (and thousands of other things), go back to 98SE or
    try Linux. Things in the MS world will only keep on getting
    worse for the users.

    Everyone who installs Vista is insane.

  3. Re: Stopping Explorer window self-scrolling

    Thanks, Thanatoid, for the political rant. And now, back to your
    regularly scheduled programming. One reader asks, "How do you stop
    Explorer windows from scrolling and changing selections by themselves?"
    Answer coming right up.

    (Psst! That's your cue ... well, somebody's cue anyway.)

    There's only four things you can be certain of: taxes, change, spam, and

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