My new system came with Vista installed (and
RAID0, which complicates things).I wanted to also
install XP in another partition, so I shrank the
Vista partition down to create unallocated space.
Then created a new partition out of that for XP.
Now that I have installed XP, I see that the Vista
partition is listed as 'system' and the XP
partition is 'boot'. I had hoped to use OSL2000 to
act as boot manager between the 2 partitions. When
I install and use OSL2000, it indeed brings up the
boot menu with the 2 partitions (Vista and XP)
showing. I can't really tell which is which since
they are both labeled as 'Windows' until I rename
them. When I boot one of the partitions, XP
starts. When I boot the other partition, I get a
message that NTLDR can't be found. When I get up
in XP I see that Vista is 'system' and XP is
'boot'. Somehow I need to get the Vista partition
as 'boot' (and probably still 'system').

What is the best way to do this? Should I use
Vista Boot Manager instead of OSL2000? It's my
understanding that Vista uses a new procedure for
booting now that is different from previous
versions of Windows (now called legacy systems).

Thanks for the help,

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