Many people in my company have an occasional problem with Windows
Messenger, which I think I understand now, but I'd like to explore any
mitigation strategies, for now, and for the future.

A typical scenario goes like this:

Person A is on VPN at home. They initiate an IM window with Person B,
who is in the office. They talk for a while. Person A disconnects
from VPN, but does not close the IM window. Person A then goes to the

Person A gets to the office and connects to the network. They get some
email, do other work, perhaps open new IM windows with other people,
or send IMs to other people on existing IM windows, but not on the IM
window opened earlier in the morning with person B.

Person A then gets an email from person B saying "I tried to IM you,
but it couldn't deliver". Person A then goes to the IM window opened
earlier and sends "Try it now". Person B then replies successfully.

The conclusion I've gotten on this from our Enterprise Messaging
engineers is that this is how it's going to work, and the only way to
avoid this would have been to close my IM window when I close VPN,
close and reopen it when I get to the office, or do what I did in the
scenario, which is send another message after I connect in the office.

So, I would appreciate any comments about this. Is there any way to
address this in newer versions of Exchange (I have Outlook 2003, if
that helps)? Will the "Live Communications" product mitigate this?