The network places in windows XP list the shares the computers on my home network have,
and if I create a new shared folder somewhere and update the window with F5, then
the new share is in the list too...
...but they never dissapear when the share is removed :-(

It allways show all shared folders that have existed for all computer that have been on our network
Shouldn't it remove those that is not shared anymore?
and don't list computers that not is here or turned off

or is it supposed to work like this?

(or am I really supposed to delete them manually to make them dissapear)

I was thinking if maybe I am missing any Service that should be turned on.
I do have "Network Connections" and "Network Connections Awareness (NLA)",
"System Event Notification", "Server" and "Workstation" set to Automaticly.
("Computer Browser" service is allso set to Automaticly but it not running
when I look now, but it doesn't help if I manually start it)

are there any more that this possibly could denpend on?
or are there a setting somewhere...