Is this legit? If so, I would guess it must be somehow related to
Microsoft's latest 'corrections' of their friggin 'genuine advantage' (=for
Microsoft) program. (No, I buy all my computers from major vendors with
pre-installed *LEGITIMATE* copies of Windows, but Microsoft has to assume
that I'm guilty until proven innocent--by their buggy software. I see I've
gotten sidetracked again...)

Not sure because I don't use this machine so often, so the complaints on
other machines about the new version of Microsoft's Advantage started
several days before I noticed this machine's new complaint. I think it is
actually a pre-complaint so that it can start the other complaint--but I
also worry that it could be some kind of attack on Microsoft's terrible

Oh yeah, I suppose I better say what's going on, hadn't I? When I boot this
machine in Windows (normally I use Ubuntu Linux--and the machine runs much
better, too), it shows a popup window telling me that it can't check for
updates unless I upgrade Microsoft's dot net. I suppose that's legit, but
this is Microsoft, so who knows? Anyone else seeing this?