I have a slow response with a system that I am setting up. I am such
the problem has to do with the os (more so than the DB application).
The OS is Win 2000 Server with SQL Server 2000. My first execution of
the SQL procedure is slow (about 40 seconds), while the second
execution is faster (approx. 3 seconds and what I expect).

Using SQL Query Analyser I can leave the window up and come back (
after say 10 minutes ) and my next response is will be slow (and faster
straight after this).

The query itself is the "TOP 10" rows from a table of a remote DB (MSDE
This is similar to;
DECLARE @SelectRowsFromRemoteDB NVARCHAR(400)
('SQLOLEDB', 'Remote', ....) a"

EXEC sp_executesql @SelectRowsFromRemoteDB

The CPU usage goes high (with Task Manager), but oddly the task with
most usage is the "Idle Process".

I am sure it is not an issue with caching the data. I can continually
poll the remote DB manually and the speed is quick and it changes when
expected. The problem appears to be related to finding the path to the
remote server. This memory of "where to look for the remote DB", seems
be short.

Please help with an answer
or a good starting point to known where the resources are being used.

Regards JC.....