I had 2 250 gig sata drives in a raid mirror. I ended up with 1
functional drive.

Now, I have the second drive. I installed it into my PC as my primary
drive, meaning to have it...unmirrored. However, even though I turned
off the mirror in the bios, there was a software mirror running in
Windows XP that started to rebuild the backup mirror on my (empty) 500
gig drive I'd installed to hold data (too many drives - heh).

So, I deleted the array in the bios and physically took the 500 gig
drive out of the PC.

Now, I have one 250 gig backup mirror drive installed in my PC, with
the mirror deleted from bios. However, it won't boot into windows. I
get an error message that says "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK

I assume it's asking for a windows rescue floppy, however, I don't
have a floppy drive installed into this pc (nor do I have a backup
external drive). I do have USB keys should that be handy.

How do I get my single SATA drive to boot into my Windows XP
installation, without any sort of mirroring?

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