Bought license for Cenatek ramdiskXp ver 2.0 2 wks ago after using it
for a week w a plain vanilla default config: 40mb, Fat16, No image
save/restore on a winXP computer w 2 gb memory.

Seemed to work fine. 3 days ago, wanted to backup to yesterdays System
Restore Pt. All restore points were wiped! system event log
[eventvwr.msc], shows DAILY error events.

@ computer shut down or sleep mode entered
"The System Restore service has been suspended because there is not
enough disk space available on the drive \\?\Volume... System Restore
will automatically resume service once at least 200 MB of free disk space
is available on the system drive."

next day: @ startup
"System Restore service has resumed monitoring due to space freed on the
system drive."

Cenatek user manual says to fix System Restore problem w winXP, disable
monitoring of ramdisk. BUT, ramdisk not listed in System Restore
settings! Can't disable something not listed??

SR Settings show 12% (13.1 gb ) available to SR.
C: monitored
D: 39 gb partition for Norton Ghost disabled.

Did a careful uninstall / re-install. Same problem.

e-mails & phone calls to Cenatek support are unanswered.

Can any Cenatek RamdiskXP user's tell me:

how to disable System Restore Monitoring??

Do i have to Start & Stop Ramdisk each time it's used??
Tried STOP w re-install. Got error. says close all open folders /
prog's using Ramdisk drive. They were!! No files in recycle bin either.