Hi all. I want to put the Windows2000 recovery console on my Winnt disk,
which is D: so I can use fixboot C: after reinstalling Windows98. (Never
mind the floppies or booting from CD.)

Running F:\i386\winnt32 /cmdcons puts the files on the C drive; no choice is
offered. It works, but I don't want it there: that partition will get
reformatted before I use the RC. I tried manually moving the files over to
D: (cmldr & \cmdcons) & changing the drive letter in boot.ini, but it's no
good. It says \system32\ntoskrnl.exe is "missing or
corrupted". That file of course hasn't moved, & is fine in a normal boot.

I can find no extra switches or parameters for this install. Anyone ever
succeeded at this? If yes, how'dja do it?