Hope someone can help me here because I'm stumped. I was running Panda AV
and had to uninstall to load new AV. When I rebooted I now get an:"
iexplorer.exe unable to run application" error. The error dialog box then
tells me that the "IEFRAME.dll is not found". I can find no info on the
IEFRAME.dll file anywhere within MS Web site. I have had to resort using my
old MS 98 PC as my XP OS will not allow me to access the Internet, E-Mail or
even the "Windows explorer to search my hard drive.
Can someone please help me or point where to go to get some advice. I did do
a restore to an earlier date - no good as I still get the same error. I also
attempted to reinstall from my factory provided disc but it gives me the
message that it is an earlier version of XP and will not allow me to proceed
any further.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Bart Ryle