In the past I had a HP 4700 PocketPC that I used on the go but just
recently sold it to instead get a Toshiba Protege M400 Tablet PC. The
problem with this is in the past I used ActiveSync to sync my data for
on the go whether it's files from My Documents, contacts, emails, etc
for Outlook as well as Favorites. Now that I have a TabletPC it
doesn't seem ActiveSync works with it.
My question, what is the best way to sync my Tablet PC for on the go?
I have a home network with a desktop that stores all of my data files.
It has Outlook, Favorites, My Documents, Quicken, etc. that I network
to while at home. Then when I am on the go I want to be able to take
My Documents (which contains Quicken Data), my favorites, outlook data
file, etc. so that I can work on files on the go but yet when I am
home as well be able to sync the data so that I have a current copy on
the go or at home. How can this be done easily? I know I could
manually copy files each time I leave and come home but that is very
tedious. I saw there is a Windows XP powertoy called Synctoy on
Microsoft's site. As well, I have seen that there is a program called
Synchronize in the accessories folder on my laptop. Is one of these
better or is there another solution that is better? Can Synchronize
be downloaded elsewhere? If I'm happy with that I have another laptop
I'd like to be able to use that on. Thanks for any help.