"Michael Cuming" writes:
> I an running Word from Office 77 under Widows XP Home Edition. It has been
> working just fine for a long time. Recently it started not allowing me to
> modify and save any Word file. In effect all my Word files are frozen.
> Each time I try to save the OS generates an error message for Microsoft.
> There are two TEMP files that might have something to do with it, but they
> refuse to be deleted. I have tried pasting into a new Word file, and
> pasting into Word Perfect, but no luck.
> Any suggestions as to how I can make Word work again?

Are you certain there's not any malware/spyware/virus/kernel rootkit
on the machine?

Have you run a scandisk to check for bad blocks?

Have you tried reinstalling word?

Is this disk full?

You could also try http://openoffice.org/ -- a free Office clone that
reads/writes .doc .xls and .ppt files.

Todd H.