Can someone help me with this? I am using window xp and everything
was OK until one day I installed a new sound card (CMI18738). I guess
at first it was OK but somehow after some time the sound became
distorted, sort of paused every 5 seconds.

I uninstalled the card and returned to use the original Realtek AC97 on
the motherboard like it was before, but the sound was still distorted.
I assumed that meant it's not a sound driver problem.

I then tried to disable some startup progrmas/services to see if the
problem got solved. It turned out that whenever I disable the "Event
Log" from the "Services" list in msconfig, the sound gets its health
back. The problem is when event log is disabled I can't use VPN or
home networking, and probably many other things.

Does anyone know why this is happening and can give some advices?
Thanks in advance!