i have expirienced small funny problem. My system runs without problems
(Win XP Pro with SP2 en), but time to time, I hear HD spinns shortly
(like by weaking up) and in this particular moment, the system freazes
for a second. After that, returns immieadetly to the normal working

I can see it perfectly, because lets say, I'm writing something very
fast, and it happends at this time, so letters stop comming on the
monitor, but when I do not stop to write, they appear after it returns

Somebody know, what might be a reason? This is an HP pavilion zv5000
laptop, with Hitachi 7200rpm 60GB drive.
I think it always happend, when I am attached to the network by
wireless noetwork card (I'm not sure about that). When it happends,
I've also attached NetDisk over this network.

Thanks for any ideas