"Tanja Wendt" wrote in message
> Hi,
> does anyone know a free- or shareware to comfortably exchange
> cookies?
> Several Users use the same pc and IE (but not different windowas
> accounts) to access a internet site which uses cookies. Before a user
> starts to surf he or she would like to easily (one mouse click e.g.)
> restore his or her cookies.
> Manually copying cookies doesn't seem to work. The software "Smart
> Protector" allows to save the state of IE and restore it again later:
> not flexible enough, but at least it shows that cookie-switching
> should be possible.
> So is there a software around which allows to easily save and restore
> cookies just like word documents?
> Thanks in advance for any help!!
> Tanja

IE can "export" the cookies into a txt file. Then, you take that to another
computer, and "import" them - works great, just as the export/import of

From Internet Explorer, go to File / Import and Export - from there follow
the wizard.

Hope this is what you were looking for.