When surfing the web and coming across web pages with WAV (or
other audio files), the current browser window is replaced by
Apple's Quicktime player plug-in, which plays the file.
To continue where I left off I have to press the browser's "back"

This isn't only irritating, but it makes me lose
focus/concentration on any additional comments to the file on
that page, and when visiting pages with a lot of audio links,
related to that same page (e.g. a page which teaches a language
etc.) I end up wasting a lot of time clicking the "back" button.

This is what I would like:
I click on a WAV (or other audio file) link, and an audio player
program of some sort is launched in the "background", playing the
What I mean is: a player that doesn't open a window which needs
to be closed again, or a plug-in which replaces the current
browser window or opening up a new window which needs to be closed.
That way I could just click the audio links on a given page and
hear the sound without any additional work.
Is there such a solution available, perhaps with a very compact
and simple player with only one task in mind: play audio files?
Preferrably freeware.

I'm using Windows ME with the Mozilla 1.7.5 browser.